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Beginners Hockey Program

Beginners Program Breakdown

Our beginners hockey program teaches children how to skate and how to play hockey.  It is for ages 3 to 7.  The beginners program is run on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the North Rec.

Ice Rink at 901 Duffey Street in Elyria, Ohio. Our Beginners program starts in November of each year and ends in March. The beginners program follows the American Development Model or (ADM) established by USA Hockey.

Saturday sessions are instructional only there are no games. Each session focuses on learning how to skate and skating fundamentals. As the players progress they then advance to basic hockey skills such as stick handling, passing, and puck shooting skills.

The ice is divided up into six sections by bumpers with a coach at each station. The players are divided up by skill level and rotated through each station learning different skills as they move from station to station. The drills last for 5 to 6 minutes just long enough to keep the players attention and then they move on to the next drill. All practices are approximately a hour long.

For the first time player that has never been on the ice before we have one section of the ice designated for them. Coaches and parent helpers are at this station to assist each player with standing up, balance, and learning the basics of skating until they already to move onto the instructional portion of the program. This happens pretty fast and your player will be out skating in no time!

Sunday Session:

Once the player's skill level increases we change our Sunday practices. Sunday practice sessions will be similar to the Saturday practice sessions except we divide the ice into 4 sections and have 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 games in two of the sections. There are 2 other sections that are used for skill development training when the players not playing a 3 on 3 game. There is also a section for the players that are still learning to skate. The players are divided up again by skill level.

The players then play a 3 on 3 games with no goalies and they scrimmage for 5 to 6 minutes. The players are then rotated through each section of the ice working on skill development and having fun getting to play games against each other.

The 3 on 3 games are designed to start introducing the new player to actual game experience. They get to have fun too which is the most important part!

The Beginners program is a safe way to have your child learn how to skate and introduce them to the game of hockey. Players are completely outfitted with hockey equipment so if they fall they are safe and protected. We highly recommend that your child attends both sessions. The more they are on the ice the faster they will develop.

 If you do not have hockey equipment there is no need to worry. The Elyria Ice Hockey Club offers equipment rental. If your child does not like playing you simply turn the equipment in and you are not stuck owning equipment they will never use.

So let's get started and introduce your child to the Coolest Game on Earth!

Registration is done on line so please go to the registration link and register today.