Standing Rules



Revised 5/15/2024


A. The Elyria Ice Hockey Club has established registration process and payment policy for all

members of this organization. In an effort to help the board balance the budget and pay bills on time,

as well as support those members of the club that need options in paying the yearly assessments. This policy is provided to the members of the Elyria Ice Hockey Club so that they have complete knowledge of the following:

  1. Registration Process
  2. Pre-Registration & Registration Fee for Travel Players & Goalies
  3. Pre-Registration & Registration Fee for Beginners In House
  4. Refund Policy
  5. Extended Payment Plan
  6. Credit Card Payment and Bounce Check Policy
  7. No Play Policy

1. Registration Process:

A. No player may register for the current season until all accounts from the previous season are settled.

B. All players must complete register on-line at for each season.

C. The Board shall appoint a club member to serve as The Club Registrar.

D. Non-registered Players may not participate in Conditioning or Tryouts.

E. All Players transferring from another program must provide a current financial release, from the previous club, to the President.

F. All players must register with USA Hockey prior to try-outs at This registration is in addition to and separate from EIHC registration.

G. All players must fill out the consent to treat form prior to tryouts at H. All parents must fill out and have read the State of Ohio concussion form prior to tryouts.

I. All forms should be filled out and brought with the player to registration. No players will permitted to attend tryouts without their registration form, USA hockey registration, Consent to Treat form, and State of Ohio Concussion Form.

J. No registration form shall be accepted without the payment section of the form completed. Any registration form turned in by a player will be determined incomplete and not valid without this section completed.

1. Remember payment is due in full on the date of registration.

2. If other payment arrangements need to be made you must contact the Treasure and the payment plan must be approved by the Executive Board prior to May15th of the season you are registering your player for.

K. If the payment plan is approved by the Executive Board the balance of dues is paid in three equal installments payable on the 30th of the following months after registrations is opened to each division

L. Any remaining balance at the end of the payment plan period is subject to a late fee of $25/mo until paid, unless waived by the board

M. All new players must registered by August 1st with payment made in full.

1. All new players are not afforded a payment plan until their second season.

N. All returning EIHC players must be registered for Tryouts.

O. Effective September 15th any player that is not fully paid will not be permitted to participate in any tournaments until the assessment are paid in full. If the payment is made by check, the player is ineligible until the check clears. Cash and Credit card will be the preferred method. No exceptions will be made and the coaches and trustees will work together to ensure that this policy is enforced.

P. No releases will be given to financially delinquent players until all financial obligations as outlined by the Board at the time have been met.

Q. The clubs payment plan may be altered on a case by case basis with the approval of the President

R. Head coaches for the club shall be afforded 1 child to play for free

3. Registration for Beginners in House:

  1. No player may register for the current season until all accounts from the previous season are settled.
  2. All new players may be pre-registered by May 1st with an initial deposit of $100.00 and will be subject to a waiting list if deemed necessary by the Club.
  3. All returning EIHC players may be pre-registered by May 1st with $100.
  4. D. The assessments for EIHC House program will be posted two weeks after tryouts
  5. E. The balance of the assessment is due in one installment payable on the date of registration.

4. Refund Policy

A. Any member moving to a location outside of the CSHL boundaries which necessitates leaving the program shall pay a pro-rated assessment to be determined by the Board. The factors involved in determining the assessment shall be:

1. The number of weeks the player participated as a percentage of a full season. 2. The financial effect of the loss of the player to the team.

B. Players ending their season after the final due date for assessments shall pay the full assessment.

C. Beginners Refund

2 weeks or sooner full refund

3-4 weeks $25.00 of Registration

(Notification after 4 weeks shall be a Prorated assessment)

D. Any player suffering an injury or illness that limits his/her participation for a period of four (4) weeks or longer may petition the Board for a pro-rated assessment based on the percentage of a

full season missed or inactive.

5. Extended Payment Plan Option

A. This section is for those families that are in need of a payment plan the following steps and guidelines must be followed:

1. Application for this plan must be made prior to registration and must be done in writing and provided to the Treasurer or President.

a.) By letter or email.

2. Extended Payment plan agreements will be established and the agreement letters will be provided to the families requesting payment plans by June 15th . Participants need to return the signed agreement to the Treasurer by June 30th with their first payment. A sample agreement is provided in Exhibit B.

3. A Credit Card must is required with the Payment Plan Agreement which will be held and charged if any final payment is not received.

4. Failure to comply with the terms of the payment plan will result in the termination of the payment plan the club will require full payment of the balance to include any late fees. The responsible party for payment also agrees that they will forfeit the right to apply for a payment plan for the following season and will make full payment at the time of registration that following season.

6. A player(s) who is not fully paid on September 15th shall be contacted by the board and notified that their credit card will be charged for the remaining amount and $25 late fee. The member will be responsible for the credit card charged (3% of amount being charged).

7. Effective Sept 15th any player that is not fully paid will not be permitted to participate in any practice or games until the assessment are paid in full. If the payment is made by check, the player is ineligible until the check clears. Cash and Credit card will be the preferred method. No exceptions will be made and the coaches and trustees will work together to ensure that this policy is enforced.

8. An example of the Agreement is attached to this document.

6. Bounce Check Policy

A. A check returned to us by our bank due to insufficient funds in your account will incur a $10 EIHC fee plus the fee assessed by our bank (currently $15 per bounced check). The total bad check fee is $25.

B. All payments after such an occurrence must be made by certified bank check, money order or cash.

7. No Play Policy

A. When assessments are not paid in full by the deadline(s) as defined above, the following steps will be enforced by the Board and coaching staff:

1. The President will contact the family notifying them that they are delinquent in their payment. The President will provide the amount that is owed including the late fee and inform them that the coach will be contacted alerting them that the player is ineligible to participate in any EIHC Function.

2. Club President or Treasurer and family can make arrangements to collect the full assessment at the earliest convenience of both parties. Executive Officers will make every attempt to be available to collect the funds to expedite eligibility of the player.

3. If family makes the full payment by check the player will remain ineligible until the check clears, the Treasure will remind the family of this policy.

4. Coach will be notified that the player is ineligible. The coach will be told that the player is ineligible until such time as he/she is contacted by the Treasurer notifying him/her that the player is eligible.

5. When the amount is paid in full, either by cash, money order, cleared check or credit card, the Treasure will contact the coach and notify him/her that the player is now eligible to

participate in all EIHC functions. The Treasurer or President will then contact the family

and notify them that they are in good financial standing with the club and that the coach has been notified.

6. All Payments must be submitted via U.S. Mail service to the clubs address or deposited in the clubs mail slot at the ice rink. The address is located on the clubs website. No checks or payments should be made or will be accepted in any other method. The club is not responsible for lost or stolen checks that are not left in the Club Mail box.


The purpose of tryouts is to evaluate a player's skills, instinctive feel for the game, commitment and teamwork in order to place him or her within a team that will provide the best environment to maximize player development, improve self-confidence and allow for enjoyment of the game of ice hockey.

1. Conditioning

A. The EIHC will budget and rent ice for summer clinics and conditioning session before try-outs


Remember it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to make sure there child is prepared and in proper condition for the up-coming season.

2We have developed a tryout process that intends to place players on teams matching their individual skills and competitive level. The highest-level team is not always the best fit for a player. The goal is to build teams that consist of players with similar abilities, in a competitive atmosphere, while fostering skills development.

3We recognize that players develop at different times and intervals. Some players will develop the most from being one of the top players and driving the team flow. Some players will develop the most from being one of the lower players and having to step up their level of play. In evaluating players and making team selections, we attempt to account for these factors.

B. Selection Committee:

1. Coaching Coordinator

2. 2 Coaches from Age Level

C. Try-Out Phase:

A. Tryouts will have two phases. A skills phase and a Games phase:

1. Skills Phase. Players will perform hockey drills to evaluate skating, shooting and puck handling.

2. Games Phase. Games will be in a training camp structure. This is being done to assess overall skill level, the player understands of the game and hockey sense. This allows the

selection committee to assess players in a game situation.

D. Team Selection

1. Initial: Based on last year’s placement and the Skills Evaluation Phase the Selection Committee will place players on a team for the Tryout sessions. A posting will be made on the website at with the date and time that tryouts are held.

2. During tryouts. Based on performance in each tryout session, the selection committee

may choose to move your child onto a different team. You will be notified during or after a given session if your child’s team and schedule is changing. Parents should be aware that their player may be asked to participate in later sessions and should allow for that potential when planning their schedules during Try-out week.

3. If the child is equal to a rostered EIHC player, that attended tryouts. The rostered EIHC player will be assigned the spot on the higher team if a roster spot is available.

4. Final- After the final night of tryouts team 5pm the next day. Head Coaches will then follow up with a phone call to confirm scheduling and placement.

E. Placement – Each player will be evaluated on their capabilities among their peers and placed on a team using the same process. Your child is not guaranteed a position on any particular team.

F. Additional Skill Development In the event that the Selection Committee upon their evaluation, feel that this is the case, they will notify the Coaching Coordinator who will further evaluate the player. If, under the opinion of the Coaching Coordinator that the player requires additional skill development, the

Coaching Coordinator and the President will consult with the player’s parent(s) to discuss the evaluation and provide options.

G. Number of Teams - Number of teams during the Tryout process should not be considered the number of teams that will be selected. The tryout process is designed to allow for the Selection Committee to evaluate the players, whereas the final number of teams which will be established for the new regular season will be based on the number of players participating within each birth year. Birth year teams will be considered depending on the number of players in each birth year that are trying out. The final number of teams and players per team will be determined prior to the start of the CSHL pre-season.

H. Bubble Players– To accommodate the potential of “bubble” players, the Coaching Coordinator at his discretion may decide that further player(s) evaluation is required prior to finalizing the roster on a particular team. In this event, the Coaching Coordinator may limit the number of players the final night of tryouts in order to adequately finalize the team roster

I. Changes to Try-out process - Also due to the uncertainty of the number of players that will attend tryouts, it cannot be predetermine how many teams might exist at each level of play for tryouts.

Thus, the tryout process may be changed to accommodate the number of tryout players, i.e. sessions dropped. Thus, the website should be checked each day during tryouts, to note any changes to the process.

J. Coach Selection and Team Assignments An application for head coach must be made on a yearly basis. The application and prior coach evaluations, if applicable, are used to select the

potential pool of head coaches. Upon recommendation of the Coaching Coordinator and approval by the board, coaches may be assigned and announced prior to tryouts.

K. Missed Try-Out Policy Missed try-out policy applies to players that do not participate in try-outs but are looking for a spot on the roster after try-outs. There are four situations where this can occur: 1) a player moves to our area;

2) a local player seeks to move to a new organization; 3) a local player seeks to play travel hockey for the first time; and 4) a returning player misses try-outs but does not have "special case" status. Players who miss try outs will be placed on teams using the following procedures

1. Player moves to our area:

a. 1.The child will be placed on the lowest team at their level (determined by age) once registration and the applicable fees are paid.

b. If no roster spot is available, players will be added to our "Wait List".

c. The child will then be evaluated at tryouts.

d. If the selection committee believes the child has the skills to move up to the next team, they may advance that child, with board approval. Otherwise the child will stay on

current team.

e. If the child is equal to a current EIHC player, that attended tryouts. The current

EIHC player will be assigned the spot on the higher team if a roster spot is available.

2. A local player in the CSHL seeks to play for our organization:

a. The child will be placed on the lowest team at their level (determined by age) once registration and the applicable fees are paid.

b. If no roster spot is available, players will be added to our "Wait List".

c. The child will then be evaluated at tryouts.

d. If the selection committee believes the child has the skills to move up to the next team, they may advance that child, with board approval. Otherwise the child will stay on current team.

e. If the child is equal to a current EIHC player, that attended tryouts. The current EIHC player will be assigned the spot on the higher team if a roster spot is available.


3. A returning player misses tryouts but does not have special status:

a. The child will be placed on the lowest team at their level (determined by age). (A roster spot was held if registration and payment were made. If not, players will be added to our “Wait List”, if teams are full.)

b. The child will then be evaluated by the level the coaching coordinator, the coach of his/her team and the coach of team above.

c. If level the coaching coordinator and coaches believe the child has the skills to move up to the next team, they may advance that child, with board approval. Otherwise the child will stay on current team.

4. Special Cases

a. The Team Selection Committee reserves the right to make allowance for "Special Cases" and for players via the Missed Try-Out process. These are handled on a case-by- case basis. Placement for each Special Case and Missed Try-out applicant must be approved by the Board.

b. Special Cases: To receive ‘Special Case Status" the player must have registered and paid the club registration fee prior to the first night of tryouts. Special Cases are situations where players miss all or part of the try-out sessions because of injury, medical condition, family emergency or other unforeseen last-minute circumstance. Special case status is granted by the Board. After a player receives Special Case Status from the Board, the Team Selection Committee will place the player on the appropriate team. It is incumbent on the player and his family to communicate with the board in a timely fashion regarding circumstances that occur around planned participation in try-outs.

c. In the case of Special Cases a roster spot is held if Club registration and fees are completed. Then upon return to Ice, the Team Selection Committee will place the player on the lowest team at their level. However, if a player is returning to the same age classification, the Team Selection Committee has the discretion to place the player on a team that is appropriate based on the prior year placement. Although a player that

tryouts, for any reason, cannot automatically be placed on the #1 team without further evaluation.

L. Notification

In the event that your player will be unable to participate in Tryouts or can only participate in limited sessions, parents must notify the Coaching Coordinator in writing prior to July1st, providing the player’s name, the reason why and the dates that they will be participating in Tryouts, if any. If the player is participating in Tryouts and events prohibit him/her from continuing participation, i.e. injury, illness,

the Coaching Coordinator and President should be notified immediately. Also if a player is only unable to attend the age specific clinics.

M. Evaluation of Players Missing Tryouts:

a. If a player returns, anytime during tryouts, the player must attend a clinic even with a different age level.

b. If the player fails to attend a clinic then they will need to complete this with the team on which they were place re-evaluates.

c. If the player is placed on the lowest team at their level, and after a minimum of 1⁄2 hour it is determine that their skill far exceeds that level or there is a safety concern, the Hockey Director may use his discretion to advance the player to the next team.

d. In Age Levels with 3 teams, this can only occur in movements from Team 3 to Team 2. At which point the player will need to be evaluated in further detail, which may consist

up to 6 hours or several weeks of evaluation, and a skills assessment, prior to advancing.

In other words, the #1 team spot must be clearly evaluated for and earned.

e. Also if at such point there are players on the Team 2 that are also considered “bubble kids” and attended tryouts, the player missing tryouts would need to clearly demonstrate

a skill level far above the highest 2 player. Otherwise the “bubble kid” that attended

tryout would potentially be moved to team #1.

f. If the EIHC returning player that missed tryouts is being evaluated next to a non EIHC player transferring to the program, and both are equal the returning EIHC player would

be given the position.

h. Please note, all families should understand that if you are selected to a "1" team you will be expected to attend all practices and games as possible. Hockey is a long season and we understand that a few will be missed but not more than a maximum of 4 practices all season and 3 games. If a player plans to play another sport at the same time as Hockey, or is enrolled in another activity that will cause that player to miss more than a few practices and games, they should notify the Team Selection Committee before placement are made so that player can be put on the appropriate "2" or "3" team.

i. Please note in the case of a missed tryout, other than a “Special Case”, the player can

not place higher than a 2 team if a missed tryout occurred 2 years in a row. j. All evaluations and rosters changes will be finalized by the end of preseason if not before.

Section 3 Play-up Policy

1. From time to time a player within the Elyria Youth Hockey Club may wish to try-out for an age group or USA Hockey Age Classification that is above his/her age driven class. For example, a 2001 birth year child may wish to try out to be placed on the 2000 birth year team.

2. Qualifications

a. A player may not try out 3 or more age classifications above his or her age group. Example, 2002 child cannot try out to be on the 1999 birth year team

b. A player applying to try out at a different age classification will only be allowed to try out for, the “1” team in that age classification. (“1” is defined as the top team in an age classification)

c. The Coaching Coordinator will provide notice to the parent(s) or guardian(s) within 30 days of receipt of said letter.

3. Club Permission

a. Upon receipt, the Coaching Coordinator will inform the board via phone, email or live meeting, that a request has been submitted.

b. The Coaching Coordinator will collect the data on the following criteria before presenting a recommendation to the board:

i. Threat of harm to said player or players they will try out with

ii. Assess the safety risk

iii. Review players past year placement and performance

iv. Clear direction from the players parents on why they feel their son/daughter needs to try out at a different age classification

v. Understand the number of players eligible for play of age, in said age group.

c. Should the Coaching Coordinator and pose a recommendation to allow a player to try-out at a different age classification and that is ratified by a majority vote by the board

then the Coaching Coordinator shall inform the parent(s) and guardian(s) of the following Guidelines:

i. The player will only be considered for the “1” team as mentioned above, or at the Presidents discretion.

ii. The player must exhibit, exceptional skills and clearly be a skill level above all players on said “1” team – as assessed by the Coaching Coordinator.

iii. That for a player to be granted to play at an age level above their current age level, that all factors, including effects to other players, teams, parents, coaches and the program as a whole will be considered and weighted into the decision.

iv. That the player, if granted access to try-out for the above age class team, has an obligation to attend all try-out sessions for his age group while the decision is not final.

v. That the player, if granted access to try-out for the above age class team, after initial try-outs, will exercise loyalty to the team they were placed on at the

beginning of the season until such time a final decision is communicated from the

Coaching Coordinator via Board ratification by majority vote.

d. Should the player, meet all of the above criteria and the effects of such a change are considered a “non-issue” then the Coaching Coordinator shall inform the player and parent(s) or guardian(s) thereof, including coaching staff of current age class and +1 age class, that said player is granted permission to play exclusively, at that level for the remainder of the season.

e. Upon ratification, said player will not be permitted to change teams unless otherwise agreed upon by the coaches, Coaching Coordinator, Board and subject to USA Hockey Rules and Regulations.

4. Appeals

a. Coaching Coordinator and Board Ratified Decisions are considered final, but a grievance may be filed with the grievance committee.

b. Error in judgment, bias or favoritism must be clearly proven for the board to consider reopening said case for assessment. This burden shall fall on the player and parent(s) or

guardian(s) of the appealing party and shall be heard by the Executive Board.

c. D. Decisions made by parties that are not expressly approved by the Coaching Coordinator, and Board Majority will not be honored.

d. A form shall be filed with EIHC and signed by the Coaching Coordinator and Club President. Absent of these two signatures, any application will be considered incomplete.



1. All Teams shall participate in an EIHC hosted Tournament if one is held.

2. Teams not covering an adequate number of volunteer hours may be assessed a partial or full entry fee for the tournament if held.

3. Full Season Travel Teams that are unable to participate in an EIHC Tournament, due to lack of teams registering in a particular division may request the Board to provide support for an away tournament, which will be considered as finances allow.


1 The Club will pay to add the names of Players and Coaches to any C.S.H.L. Division or Playoff Champion banner.

2. The Club will pay to add the names of players and coaches to any State, Divisional, or National Championship banner.

3. The Club will pay for all entry fees for any State Champion advancing in the National Tournament, as finances allow.



1. The Board shall appoint a Chairman of the Fund Raising committee.

2. The Fund Raising Chairman shall obtain additional help as needed.

3. The Fund Raising Chairman shall manage the major fundraisers as set by the board. i.e. Reverse Raffle, Golf Outings,

A. Team Fundraising Policy

1. The board has fore put in place this Fundraising policy to protect the club, board and all members from audit and liability to the best of our ability.

2. Each team has the ability to conduct team fundraisers in order to pay for team expenses. All fundraisers must be pre-approved by the board and not interfere with Club fundraisers

3. Team expenses are defined as follows, but not limited to (if there is an expense that is not listed it should be presented to the board for approval prior to incurring the expense- as it may not be reimbursed):

a. Local or Out-of-State/Country Tournaments

b. Team Spirit wear for players, coaches & team managers: Wind suits, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Hockey Bags, Hats, Ball caps

c. Team Parties – Food, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Party supplies (table cloths, plates, napkins, silverware, cups), Party room rental

d. Ice Rental for additional practices or scrimmages

e. Referee fee’s for scrimmages not covered by the club

f. Club equipment fee deposits – for pucks, Clubroom Keys

g. Team tickets to events (ex. Monster tickets, movie tickets, laser tag passes) in conjunction with a team party

4. Expenses not covered by fundraising funds, but not limited to: a. Alcoholic beverages

b. Gifts for coaches, players or team managers

c. Hotel rooms

d. Meal Stipends

e. Tickets for family members to team events (ex. Monster tickets, movie tickets, laser tag passes) in conjunction with a team party

f. Gas, Tolls, Parking or Admission fees

5. All monies raised or collected by the team must be reported Club treasurer. No team can

obtain or maintain a team bank account. Any money not used during the hockey season will

will be turned over to the club.

6. The club will have a $5000 fundraising limit for each team. Any team that needs to raise more than the allotted $5000 will need to provide a detail request to the board for approval. $5000 was the recommended amount by the IRS and the EIHC accountant. There will be the occasion where teams need more than this and it will be reviewed by the board.

7. Refund Request payment:

a. If the team or club member incurs any approved expense a Refund request form must be completed and a detailed receipt must accompany the request for reimbursement. Any request made without a detailed receipt will be rejected or returned for additional details.

b. Acceptable receipts are: cancelled checks, Credit card statements, On-line receipt and merchant customer receipts.

c. Once the refund request is approved by the Club Treasurer, a check will be cut for the individual that submitted the request.


1. Teams may request e-mail addresses of Club members for purposes of fundraising by making a request to the board. No team may send more than one mass e-mailing per season.



1. Mite Blue Beginners players will receive a jersey as part of their assessment.

2. All travel players will purchase jerseys at a price and replacement schedule to be determined by the board.

3. All jerseys worn by EIHC teams will be approved by the board.

4. Jerseys needing to be replaced due to theft or damage shall be the full responsibility of the member. B. OTHER EQUIPMENT

1. All travel players will be given two (2) pairs of hockey socks, (home and away); additional pairs may be purchased from the club.




1. The President and Treasurer have full authority to spend EIHC funds and enter into contracts.

2. Purchases greater than $1000.00 other than the payment of ice time must be approved by the Board. 3. Credit cards will be issued to the President and Treasure to conduct club business.

a.) EIHC credit cards are for club business only.

b.) any other use of the credit card is strictly prohibited.

4. NO reimbursements for purchases will be given without an original receipt.

5. Purchases made without approval of the Board relinquish the Club from responsibility and will become the responsibility of the purchaser.


1. Expenses incurred to attend required League and U.S.A. Hockey meetings shall be reimbursed as follows:

a) current IRS mileage rate

b) Actual expense for lodging and food as approved by the Board.

2. Each Head Coach will receive an honorarium toward expenses or assessments to be determined by the Board. This credit will be applied on November 15th and may not be used toward the Registration fees.

3.Reimbursements for expenditures will only be made with the presentation of a form acceptable to the treasurer.

4.Each Head Coach and assistant coaches will be reimbursed for USA Hockey Registration Fee.

5. Head Coaches and assistant Coaches will be reimbursed for USA Hockey Coaching Certificates.

a.) Only after the coach gets approval from the Coaching Coordinator and the board to attend the coaching class.



1. All parents, players, and coaches shall be required to abide by the Code of Conduct attached as Appendix A.

2. It shall be the responsibility of the individual member to be familiar with, and understand, the Code of Conduct. Ignorance of the Code cannot be used in defense of non-compliance.

3. All member families shall be required to sign a summary Code of Conduct to be registered.

B. All CSHL rules regarding the playing of games must be followed. Forfeit of any League, Non-League, or Scrimmage game without express written permission is prohibited. Teams wishing to forfeit must have the approval of the Coaching Coordinator before a request to the Board may be made.

C. The Board decision regarding Financial Responsibility for a forfeit will be final. Any team that forfeits a game without express written permission will be required to pay all League fines and penalties.


1. The Head Coach is responsible to report ALL Game and Gross Misconduct to the Coaching Coordinator. A copy of the score sheet in which the penalty occurred must be given within 48 hours of the incident.

2. The Head Coach must also report the date and game # of the game served to fulfill the suspension.

3. Failure to report these penalties to the Coaching Coordinator will result in disciplinary action. Multiple Game misconducts by any team or player may also result in review and disciplinary action.


1. Ice for EIHC teams will be arranged by the Ice Scheduler. Generally, ice will be purchased at North Rec Ice Rink, then the closest rinks that have available ice slots.

2. Teams may also purchase ice by using team funds.

F. League Play

1. All EIHC teams play and compete in the CSHL. .



1. No Committee may obligate the Club in any way without the approval of The Board.

2. Committee chairpersons must regularly report to the Vice President on the function of their committee. 3. Chairpersons are free to pick any club member for service on their committee.


  2. a. Committee consists of a President, 2nd Vice President, and Coaching Coordinator. b. Negotiates ice rate and hours for games and tournaments.
  3. c. Keeps a record of available ice and distributes it to teams.
  4. d. Keeps and posts a current ice schedule.
  5. e. Reports to the Board on ice utilization.
  6. TOURNAMENT (if one is held)
  7. a. Chairperson appointed at year-end meeting.
  8. b. Coordinates all EIHC hosted tournaments.
  9. c. Solicits teams, advertisers, and backers for all EIHC tournaments.
  10. d. Coordinates scheduling, volunteers, and running of all tournaments.
  11. e. Records and keeps all money obtained for tournament participation or support and reports same to Treasurer.


a. Committee consists of the 1st Vice President, Treasure, and one Board Member.

b. Establishes what fundraising events the club will participate in for the year.

c. Acts as a point of contact for fund raising opportunities that are presented to the EIHC. d. Obtains volunteers to assist and run fundraising events.

e. Explores new ideas for raising funds for the EIHC.



A. Regular Board meetings will be held prior to, and during the regular season. Meetings will generally be held on a monthly basis with at least 5(five) days’ notice.

B. Non- Board Members may attend Board meetings but must be on the printed agenda in order to speak.

C. Minutes of Board meetings shall be available to club members on request and shall be posted on the clubs website


These Standing Rules are governed by the EIHC By Laws and by the rules contained In Roberts' Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 2000 Edition.


Amendments to these Standing Rules may be made at any General or Executive Board Meeting by majority vote.

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